I began my graduate training in psychology with a major in industrial psychology and a minor in clinical.  During my practicum experience, I discovered my love for clinical work and was encouraged by my supervisor to switch to a clinical major.  It has been one of the most important decisions of my life.  I love the clinical work that I do.

Another life-changing decision occurred several years later when choosing between several job offers.  I consulted my graduate mentor who said “Paul, you can never go wrong if you go with your heart.”  I chose the University of California at Davis over the University of Minnesota.  I have been extremely grateful for his advice and feel extraordinarily blessed.  I immediately began a small evening private practice upon arriving in Davis.  After several years it grew into a full time practice and I left the University.  It was here in Davis that I met my wife to be, Nancy.

I was born in rural Michigan.  My father, an engineer, was the only extended family member who was not a farmer.  I was shaped by mid western values of responsibility, hard work, respect and compassion for others.  My mother, an intensely religious woman, filled my childhood with spiritual training.  She taught me the value of caring for and serving others.

As my graduate school training unfolded, I embraced the idea of life as a journey–a journey into an evolved authentic self and a journey into one’s soul, i.e., one’s innermost being, essence, depths and wisdom.  It is not surprising to me that I was drawn to psychology and psychotherapy.   The deep heartfelt connecting that happens for me when doing psychotherapy has been both a powerfully human and sacred experience.  I feel honored to touch and be touched by those clients who have put their trust in me.

Paul’s professional bio

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